Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

About Vetted

Contact us anytime by email at or by phone at (833) 228-8122

Whenever you want! Vetted vets are available to examine your pets from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Sunday.

Vetted is currently available in the greater Los Angeles area & in Orange County. You can see all regions served by Vetted on our cities page.

Comprehensive Vetted visits cost $99. This includes a physical examination of ears, nose, throat, teeth, and eyes. Your vet will also check your pet’s abdomen, heart, and lungs.

Vetted provides in-home pet care.  We send a veterinarian and technician directly to you, so you and your pets don’t have to leave the house.


Vetted works with a small group of trusted partners that offer emergency and surgical care. As a result of these partnerships, we are able to offer your pet exceptional care at affordable prices.

A licensed vet and a vet tech perform a comprehensive physical exam on your pet. Depending on the reason for the visit, they may recommend additional diagnostics.

We do real house calls.  Our vets and vet techs come into your home, fully prepared with all necessary equipment to treat most conditions your pet may have.

Vetted does not offer emergency surgery, or any procedures that require anesthesia. We will always refer you to our specialty partners for anything that requires anesthesia.

Vetted vets can perform any non-surgical service, including procedures that require light sedation.


Vetted believes in transparent, straight-forward pricing — we charge a flat rate for examinations and provide thorough, up-front pricing so that you're never surprised with extra fees and charges.

We also offer comprehensive, all-inclusive Vetted Subscription wellness and health plans. With Vetted Subscriptions, our personalized care plans give you access to insights about your furry friend's health, so that you can make the best decisions about your pet's happiness and health.

Due to overwhelming demand, Vetted Subscriptions are currently available on an invite-only basis. Please call (833) 228-8122 for additional information about Vetted Subscriptions.

Yes. You will always be informed of the price of any additional services, as well as why they’re necessary, before we perform them.

Most veterinary insurance providers do not cover wellness care. If your insurance provider does pay for wellness care, Vetted provides clients with an itemized invoice which can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

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