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Nail clipping

Nail clipping

It’s best to introduce your pup to as many foreign objects early on and in the proper setting to help alleviate their fear. When petting your, rub his or her feet and put light pressure on the paws. Let her investigate the nail clippers as they lie on the floor, then open and close them so she can hear the noise they make. Next, clip the very tip off a nail while providing positive reinforcement with praise and treats. Your pup should not develop a fear of the clippers if exposed to them in a positive manner at a young age.

What to do if your dog is older and scared of nail clippers

Be prepared to spend extra time training your older dog to tolerate nail trims than your puppy. Adult dogs may be fearful of the clippers and the sound they make, especially if they had a previous bad experience. Desensitizing older dogs to nail trimming takes patience and the process cannot be rushed. 

You can start of by:

  • Getting your dog accustomed to seeing nail clippers.
  • Training your dog to allow paw handling.
  • Acquainting your dog to the sound of nail clippers.
  • Combining paw handling with the clippers.