Chronic Disease Management



Asthma is a condition in which a dog or cat (more often a cat) has repeated episodes of coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. The condition is more prevalent in pets with flat faces (brachycephalic breeds).

Common triggers for pet asthma are inhaled substances such as grasses, pollens, aerosol sprays, and smoke.

Symptoms of asthma in pets include wheezing, labored breathing, and a dry hacking cough. Cats can have very serious asthma with zero or very subtle symptoms that are difficult to detect.

Treatment of asthma in a cat or dog is focused on resolving the immediate breathing crisis, if necessary, and working longer term to eliminate all potential asthma triggers in the animal’s environment. It’s also advisable to work with a holistic veterinarian who can offer effective holistic protocols in conjunction with, or in lieu of, asthma medications.

There are many steps you can take as the guardian of an asthmatic pet to reduce the frequency and severity of episodes, including cleaning the air in your cat’s or dog’s environment, and transitioning to an anti-inflammatory, species-appropriate diet