Vetted was built to revolutionize the veterinary industry.

A pet-loving leadership team

Our company was founded by a group of experts from the home healthcare, tech, and pet industries. As cat and dog owners ourselves, we saw firsthand that the traditional approach to veterinary care just wasn't effective; our pets deserved better.

Rebel vets with a cause

We quickly teamed up with vets who were fed up with their corporate jobs, where profits and losses, rather than their world-class educations, dictated the quality of the care they could provide.

A commitment to our founding beliefs.

A commitment to our founding beliefs.

Together, we’re changing the way you interact with your vet.

You're already giving your pet the best life, why not the best care? With no stress, no wait times, and no fractious animals running around, there's no reason you and your pet won't love Vetted PetCare.

Our vets are in the business of providing the absolute best care for your furry friend. They're not glorified sales reps trying to upsell you on unnecessary medications that aren't likely to help your pet. Out vets are happy when your pets are healthy.

We believe all pets deserve top quality vet care. That’s why we do everything we can to accommodate you and your pets’ busy schedules. You don’t have to request a day off; we’re available to come to you from 8am-8pm, seven days a week!