Seeing the vet is a pain. We're making it better.

Vetted was founded by pet-lovers.

We’re a group of experts from the home healthcare, tech, and pet industries. As cat and dog owners ourselves, we realized the traditional approach to vet care was broken. Seeing the vet had become inconvenient, stressful, and expensive...we knew our pets deserved better.

Compassionate, experienced vets.

At Vetted, we work with vets who are driven by the animals (and people!) they serve, not the profit-and-loss statement of their practice. Our team of highly-educated vets is experienced, friendly, and nimble...and it’s always growing.

We’re changing the way you interact with your vet.

We’re changing the way you interact with your vet.

Better vet care happens at home, so our vets come to you.

You're already giving your pet the best life, so why not the best care? Forget the anxiety-ridden drive across town. Skip the loud, smelly stint in the waiting room. Ditch that cold metal table once and for all. Your vet should be coming to you.

When it’s easier to see the vet, pets get more consistent care. We don’t think you should have to take time off work to keep your pet healthy which is why we offer weekend and evening appointments. And let’s be honest...your pet hates the drive to the vet, anyway.

Great care for your pet shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our pricing is always simple and straightforward because you deserve to have all the facts when making decisions on your pet’s health.